PAWS for a Cause is back LIVE!

 Although five of our supporting retail stores have gone out of business, we still have some businesses that welcome us for the selling of PAWS.  Paton’s in Sodus, Breens in Williamson, and Bob’s Market in Wolcott are happy to host HSWC representatives for the selling our colorful PAWS.  The Dog-Eared Book in Palmyra, Walworth Animal Hospital, Macedon Veterinary Care, Lyons Veterinary Clinic, Williamson Animal Hospital, and many Lyons National Bank branches will be selling our PAWS during May.

To be sure, our Shelter will be an important part of the PAWS cause.  Stop in and purchase a PAW to benefit Wayne County’s homeless dogs and cats.  If you can’t make it to the Shelter or any of the fine establishments where PAWS will be sold, or if you happen to miss our PAWS volunteers, feel free to mail in the PAW found in the newsletter with your donation.

Prefer to donate online? Sparkle PAWS will be available again this year:

  • $5 donation for a Silver PAW
  • $10 donation for a Gold PAW
  • $25 donation for a Diamond PAW