Mutt Strut 2023

Sherlock Bones & other Dashing & Daring Dog Detectives

Early Registration Fee (see below for benefits*): $ 10.00 per human entrant. Shelter must receive the early registration form by September 3, 2023

* Guaranteed benefits include a bandana for the participating canine and a matching T-shirt for you if you meet the following conditions. The Shelter must receive your registration by September 3, 2023 and you must bring an additional $40.00 in paid donations per registrant on the day of the walk. If registering at the Mutt Strut, you must bring $40.00 in addition to the $10.00 registration fee to be eligible for the benefits (NO GUARANTEE A T- SHIRT AND BANDANA WILL BE AVAILABLE).

Mutt Strut Registration: muttstrut_2023_registration_form

Mutt Strut Pledge Form: Long Pledge Form-2023

Mutt Strut Poster:  muttstrutposter2023-2

Sherlock Bones Raffle:  The Game is Afoot2